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UWAGA! Prace można nadsyłać w języku polskim - zostaną nieodpłatnie przetłumaczone na język angielski!

Submission process:

We welcome manuscripts presenting medical cases, original articles, review papers, brief description of novel research, diagnostic or scientific methods (please see the full scope of the Journal in About WJOMI menu). We welcome all works with graphic material, including figures, photos and films, also from medical procedures. Comments or letters to the editor about previous manuscripts are also accepted. The content of the text is sole responsibility of the author(s).

In the manuscripts, please follow the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) Recommendations, the Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing, or similar international or local publishing standards. Regarding transparency please include a statement on Conflict of Interest, and also bioethical statements regarding Human and Animal Rights, and Informed Consent (if applicable).

The peer-review takes up to 2 weeks. Each Managing Editor for the given manuscript would finally decide for or against publication by analysing 2 peer reviews (please click here to see the peer review form). Any difficult decisions may be consulted with the Editor-in-Chief. The decision about acceptance/correction/rejection is sent by e-mail to the corresponding author. The decision of acceptance or rejection is based on scientific value, novelty of data, interesting and state-of-the art procedures or methodology, unique and/or interesting medical cases, excellent graphic depictions of medical conditions, novel therapeutic and managment approach. As WJOMI has no financial targets, we do not try to squeeze in as many articles as possible. Any corrections will be published immediately online in Editorials or specific Letters to the Editor. Retractions will be visible as there would be a formal information of article withdrawal online. Expression of editorial concern could be indicated directly in a link to the given article.

Before final publication, the authors are requested to submit an authorship statement and copyright transfer form. Please use the template form provided below and send the scan or smartphone photo by e-mail: wjomi@onet.eu or the original by post to the Editorial Office:

TEMPLATE [click to open or right click and "Save as"]

The submission of the text is done online with the online form below or sent by e-mail to the editorial office: wjomi@onet.eu.
Graphic materials or films should be sent to our Editorial Office via e-mail: wjomi@onet.eu
or if the files are of very large size, they could be sent via online cloud.

Manuscript format (best use the online form below):
  • Language: English (preferably UK spelling).
  • Times New Roman, 11-sized font.
  • Manuscript title, same font, bold.
  • List of authors in correct order.
  • Affiliation of author(s).
  • Corresponding author, full address, telephone, e-mail.
  • Unstructured abstract of 200 words maximum with up to 5 key words.
  • For non-Polish speakers, Polish abstract of up to 200 words will be made based on the English abstract.
  • Main text subdivided into: Introduction, Patient description (or Materials and Methods), Image/Film (or Results), Treatment (or Conclusion), References, Acknowledgements, Conflict of interest (if any).
  • If you are just submitting illustrations, photographs or video with legend, you may omit the Main text section.
  • Photos and films should be of good quality, please always do self-assesment before sending them to us.
  • Avoid taking photographs of patient's faces except if truly necessary for the case description. If possible, please blindfold the eyes digitally.
  • NB! Please always collect permission from the patient for publication of his/her photographs or films.
  • Please include a statement about bioethical committee, if appropriate.
  • Please list the name of company and country of origin in brackets following the apparatus or lab materials.
  • Please make reference to figures, photos, films in the appropriate place in the main text.
  • Sections following the main text are as follows: References, Acknowledgements, Conflict of interest (if any).
  • References examples:
    - Article: Kochan P, Chmielarczyk A, Szymaniak L et al. Lactobacillus rhamnosus administration causes sepsis in a cardiosurgical patient-is the time right to revise probiotic safety guidelines? Clin Microbiol Infect 2011; 17:1589-92.
    - Book: Rohen JW, Yokochi C. Human Anatomy. Photographic Atlas of Systemic and Regional Anatomy. Schattauer, Stuttgart 1994.
  • The manuscripts of case studies should preferably not exceed 1000 words of main text in total.
  • The manuscripts of other types of articles, i.e. reviews, original articles, images with legends have no word limit.


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In case of problems with sending the text using this form,
please format the text according to instructions and submit the Word file by e-mail:


NB! Please make sure to read the terms
of submission and instructions above first

Title of the manuscript:*
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Affiliations (indicate with 1., 2., etc.):*
Corresponding author:*
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Type of manuscript:*

Abstract (200 words max.):*
Main text:
Main text lenght (total no. of words):*
Additional information (if case study over 1000 words):
References (add Acknowledgments, Conflict of interest, if any):
Number of figures/images/photos/films:*
Legends to figures/images/photos/films (incl. author of the photo/film):*
All fields marked with asterix * should be filled-in (except image/video only submissions).

To complete you submission, please click on the SUBMIT button below.
You will not get any confirmation of submission until it is verified by the Editorial Office.
The corresponding author will receive confirmation with the assigned manuscript number by e-mail.

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