WJOMI awards the Certificates of Outstanding Contribution to Medicine. Recent Microbiology Highlights: 90 years of the Polish Society of Microbiologists (PTM) and the 1st conference linking Medicine and Veterinary Medicine in Cracow.

Piotr Kochan

As I have observed the major breakthroughs in medicine and the prizes awarded in medical sciences in recent years, I very often wonder about the fairness of the whole process, especially that today it’s quite common for whole groups of researchers working together to solve a given problem. Many times the key persons that contributed or laid the foundations are left out.

Also, it seems that some prize-giving committees wait until the laureates are close to 100 years of age, sick and unable to travel, until the prize is bestowed upon them. This is sad, especially in the light of the modern world and how fast the information and scientific results are available. Let alone the many controversial prizes awarded both in the recent and past history, not only in life sciences. I personally don’t see any hopes for a change until the committees are replaced by new generations or the decisional process is more transparent. On the other hand, many important contributors to the medical field, whose knowledge and expertise benefits us all – laymen and physicians alike, are left out. Especially those forgotten are at the first line of action, see the thousands of patients. We very often don’t see the importance of these professionals but we use their contributions on daily basis. These are the real heroes of medicine and we at WJOMI think it’s crucial that they are also noticed and awarded.

When I recently asked the medical students at the Jagiellonian University of their first impression of WJOMI, they said that: “it’s a novel, easy to access journal… with very interesting articles and… quick comprehensive navigation” (Fig. 1 and 2). Well, the good news is that it will stay that way, since you will not find any complex navigation or adverts that tend to slow down the typical websites, and the loading time of WJOMI is compressed to a minimum.

Since it’s accessible, it’s global and foremost – it’s free of charge, we consider WJOMI to be a perfect platform to announce the totally new, yearly awards of Outstanding Contribution to Medicine – starting in 2017.


Figure 1. English advertisement of WJOMI.
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Figure 2. Polish advertisement of WJOMI.
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Every year in autumn, WJOMI will name laureates of the Outstanding Contribution to Medicine Award. These persons will be presented with an official certificate and duly noted in the Editorial. They will also be listed as the Honorary Editorial Board Members. This year was the first time that WJOMI presented the prize.

The 2017 Outstanding Contribution to Medicine Award was unanimously granted to the Editors of the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy, i.e. (in no specific order):
  • Jeb Sanford
  • David N. Gilbert
  • Henry F. Chambers
  • George M. Eliopoulos
  • Michael S. Saag
  • Andrew T. Pavia
  • Douglas Black
  • David O. Freedman
  • Kami Kim
  • Brian S. Schwartz

The Sanford Guide has been published since 1969, this year celebrating its 47th edition. The publication is unique as a whole, with the modern editions basing largely on evidence-based medicine. The guide is a complete physician’s handbook when it comes to treatment and prevention of infectious conditions, incl. bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal infections. In addition it gives details about drugs, dosages, interactions and special indications like drug resistant strains, pregnancy, obesity, etc. There are many foreign non-English editions of the Guide and it is one of the best infectious disease therapy books available to doctors [1]. Jeb Sanford is the current Managing Editor of the Sanford Guides. The doctors that make up the Sanford Editorial team are renowned professors and clinicians affiliated with various medical universities in the United States. Besides of the main Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy, there are also separate Sanford Guides dedicated to the treatment of AIDS/HIV as well as viral hepatitis [1]. In our opinion their contribution to the medical field is really immeasurable and they all deserve credit for their part of the contribution. All listed were presented with award certificates and since there is a Polish Edition of the Sanford Guide – each member of the team was sent the latest Polish Przewodnik Sanforda 2017 (Fig. 3 and 4) [2].


Figure 4. The Sanford Guide, 11th Polish Ed., in Polish called Przewodnik Terapii Przeciwdrobnoustrojowej Sanforda 2017 [2].

September 2017 was very productive when it comes to microbiological conferences in the city of Cracow and two interesting events were organized:
  1. Conference celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Polish Society of Microbiologists (Polskie Towarzystwo Mikrobiologów, PTM) entitled: “Konferencja Naukowa 90 lat PTM. PTM wczoraj - dziś - jutro” (PTM yesterday - today - tomorrow) from 22-23 September 2017 at the Jagiellonian University Auditorium Maximum (Fig. 5) with some historical lectures as well as highlights related to bacterial and fungal topics. The event was chaired by Prof. Jacek Międzobrodzki – the Head of the Organizing Committee and Prof. Stefan Tyski – the President of the Polish Society of Microbiologists (Fig. 5 and 6) [3];
  2. The 1st interdisciplinary scientific autumn conference bridging the medical and veterinary science of Jagiellonian University and Agricultural University in Cracow entitled: “I Konferencja - Naukowa Jesień w Uniwersyteckim Centrum Medycyny Weterynaryjnej UJ-UR. Infekcyjne Czynniki Etiologiczne XXI wieku – wspólny problem ludzi i zwierząt.” (Infectious etiological factors of the XXI century – common problem of men and animals) from 29-30 September 2017 at the Agricultural University Congress Centre. Topics such as influenza, rabies, listeriosis, biofilm, vector transmitted and prion diseases were among the presented and discussed topics. I especially liked the talk on ECMO use in ARDS, and its origins presented by Królikowski and Szczeklik. The conference was chaired by Prof. Tarasiuk from the Agricultural University and Prof. Strus from the Jagiellonian University Medical College (Fig. 7) [4].
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Figure 3. Certificate presented to Prof. Gilbert.


Figure 5. Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University on Krupnicza Street in Cracow – venue for the PTM event [3].
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Figure 6. Auditorium Maximum lecture hall has quite spectacular interiors and is used both for academic and congress purposes [3].
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Figure 7. The poster advertising the 1st medico-veterinary Jagiellonian University-Agricultural University conference in Cracow in 2017 [4].

The research groups from the Chair of Microbiology Jagiellonian University have won numerous awards for best posters during the first PTM event above, among others for the poster entitled: Nowe spojrzenie na podział Trichomonas vaginalis (New outlook on the division of Trichomonas vaginalis) presented in Figure 8.


Figure 8. The best poster award from the Chair of Microbiology of Jagiellonian University Medical College [3].
[please click on the image to enlarge]

One last important piece of information to conclude this editorial is the fact that we have decided to drop all earlier domain names for the journal and just keep the homepage domain: wjomi.com.

So, by the date of publication of this editorial, wjomi.pl has already expired and the other domain, namely journalofmedicalimages.com, will soon expire. Therefore any future articles and correspondence will go through the wjomi.com Internet page. We have also prepared some advertising materials, both for Polish and English speakers to publicize the journal further (Figures 1 and 2).


[1] Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy 2017. Gilbert DN, Chmbers HF, Eliopoulos GM, Saag MS, Pavia AT, Black D, Freedman DO, Kim K, Schwartz BS (eds.). Antimicrobial Therapy Inc., Sperryville 2017. Access valid on October 23, 2017: http://www.sanfordguide.com/
[2] Przewodnik Terapii Przeciwdrobnoustrojowej Sanforda 2017. Kochan P (ed.). KOHASSO, Kraków 2017. Access valid on October 23, 2017: http://www.sanfordguide.pl/
[3] Konferencja 90 lat PTM. Access valid on October 23, 2017: http://www.microbiology.pl/90-lat-polskiego-towarzystwa-mikrobiologow-ptm-wczoraj-dzis-jutro/program-naukowy/
[4] Jesień Naukowa w UCMW - "Infekcyjne czynniki etiologiczne XXI wieku - wspólny problem ludzi i zwierząt”. Access valid on October 23, 2017: http://www.ucmw.confer.uj.edu.pl/

Conflict of interest: PK is the Editor-in-Chief of the Polish Edition of the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy (Przewodnik Terapii Przeciwdrobnoustrojowej Sanforda).

To cite this article: Kochan P. WJOMI awards the Certificates of Outstanding Contribution to Medicine. Recent Microbiology Highlights: 90 years of the Polish Society of Microbiologists (PTM) and the 1st conference linking Medicine and Veterinary Medicine in Cracow. World J Med Images Videos Cases 2017; 3:e43-48.

Published on: 24 October 2017

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